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Last updated: March 14, 2005

Minutes of the SARA Meeting


Call to Order: 7:30 pm by Ed Wood KD5MFS

Introduction of Guests: None present

Special Announcements: Howard Peavey K9PV is back.

Report of the Secretary: Approved as posted on the web.

Report of the Treasurer: by Ryan Snyder KC5WDT

Reports of Committees:

Public Relations - Dave Finley M1IRZ has copies of the first version of the history; there are still gaps. Revisions expected as information is obtained.

Legalities - Ryan Snyder KC5WDT has paperwork to be signed after the meeting. It will be sent to the State for approval or rejection; then the State letter if approved goes to Feds. Personal information will be encrypted or removed prior to posting on the Website.

ARES - Jon Spargo KC5NTW said there are meetings this month. He is collecting logs every month and sending to Kaufman, and is keeping a hard copy file of ARRL reports. He made three LEPC presentations in the last week - City, County, and the Rotary Club.

Wx Radio - Jon Spargo KC5NTW is mentioning the NOAA radio at LEPC presentations. It also has a 911 link for Amber Alerts, etc. Socorro missed funding for the last 2 years.

Communications Trailer - Jon Spargo KC5NTW has Purchase Order and Requisition from County. He and Glenn Mauger WB5OAF will be taking the trailer to Moriarty Friday. Insurance provided $2900 in account for Roof, Windows, A/C, and door. Brunson had promised a generator.

Clubhouse Antennas - Bill Brundage K8HUH wants to resurrect the High Frequency and add VHF here. Discussion regarding location of various equipment. Discussion with those willing to help will be held after the meeting.


Spring VE Session - Kalman Oravecz AJ5B agreed to test if there is interest. Publicity is needed.

Echolink - Dave Johnson KB5YIW said repeater malfunction has been repaired, to be tested and hopefully will be up in one week.

County Fair Special Events Station - Jon Spargo KC5NTW moved that since this year is the 75th anniversary that the ECC trailer be set up at the Fair, need to check with the Fair Board regarding access, power, and discussed dipoles.


Elections - due in 2 months, nominations one month in advance, need updated roster to determine quorum. Proxies are permitted. The nominating committee consists of Bill Brundage K8HUH, Vern Leavitt KD5UHB, and Ryan Snyder KC5WDT.

Field Day - ARRL Web page says June 25 & 26. Glenn Mauger WB5OAF was appointed in his absence to contact the City for use of Clark Field. Insufficient personnel available to man the Datil site this year.

Ham Fest - will be the last Saturday in October. Radcom has already been notified. ARRL will have to be emailed to get packet.

Good of the Organization

There is a new FM station coming to this area, unknown format yet.

Ed Wood KD5MFS has arranged for SARA members to attend Incident Command Training classes at the fire Academy at no charge.

Membership Dues discussed; whether or not to make all dues due at the same time every year, prorate, or have the Treasurer list all dues up for renewal each month.

Discussion regarding reviving the Newsletter.

Kalman Oravecz moved that TARA members be given concurrent membership in SARA, deferred until legalities completed.

ADJOURN: 2040 by Ed Wood KD5MFS

Submitted by Vern Leavitt KD5UHB, secretary

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