S.A.R.A. News

February 1999 ---------------------------------------------------- Volume 9, Issue 2
"All the news that fits, we print" --------------------------- Editor: Jim Oty WB5GWH (Temporary)


What, me write an editorial, you gota Be kidding. But then come to think of it, if I write the newsletter, I get to write the editorial. Then comes the question of what to write about.

I have no subject for this month so I will just make a few comments. We started out this year of 1999 with a bang - well it might have been more like a pop. I missed the January meeting because my boss, N5YGC, found out that I was retiring and decided to send me to Iowa for a few days to cool off. I sure did. I got of the airplane in Cedar Rapids and the temperature was -3 degrees. OUCH. I understand that the meeting was pretty good. I heard a couple of good reports about the informal talk given by Clarence, AA5RH, about model airplanes. We need more of this kind of activity at our club meetings. Maybe we can get the attendance up.

The Wednesday night net on the local repeater seems to have gone down the tubes. Anyone got any ideas on how to get that going again. It looks like the ARES part is not working so why don't we just have a 'Nut Night on the Net' type get together. I will try it the first week after the February meeting but it would be nice to have some help.


The only news about the repeater is that there is no news.The 146.68 machine on 'M' Mountain seems to be working fine. I haven't talked to Dave, KB5YIW, lately so I have no report to make.

The other repeater, you remember - the one we have be planning for out west - is still in my garage. It is working to some extent, but, I am still having trouble with de-sense. I also have been unable to get the controller to key up the link transmitter. I will call the manufacturer and find out if he has any suggestions. There is still a lot of work and decisions to be made about the link back to the Socorro machine. It should be in the 440 MHz. range but what equipment do we have and how to get it all up and checked out. Just food for thought.


We lost a coupe of members this month. I guess Doug, AB5WT, has moved to Taos and Doug (our last newsletter editor) moved to Santa Fe. Also Gary, K5OTY (ex KC5VVE) has moved to the Boston area. Sorry to see you go, but good luck to all of you.


President: Al Braun AC5BX
Vice President: Kalman Oravecz AJ5B
Secretary: Agnus Halls KA5KIE
Treasure: Paul Rhodes N5YGC

DID YOU KNOW: The average North American will visit a McDonalds Restaurant more than 1800 times in his lifetime???????????



Has anyone listened to 80 Meters lately. After seeing an article on the ARRL web page this week I decided to check it out. A few years ago I put up an 80 Meter dipole with intentions of getting on that band. After listening to the garbage I heard from some of the individuals on frequency, I took the antenna down and vowed never to use that band.

The article I came across was rather interesting. It seems that the FCC's Amateur Radio enforcer, Riley Hollinsworth, K4ZDH, made an unexpected visit to 3894 kHz and discussed enforcement and to encourage compliance. He said he broke in on an argument that was getting increasingly nasty in an effort to settle things down. He then stayed to discuss enforcement with the hams on frequency. He said " A couple of them were pretty shocked. Most people, if you can just get to them on a one-to-one basis, they'll listen". This was an unprecedented move and maybe, just maybe, it will help. Well I listened on 80 for a couple of nights last week, and things sounded rather civilized. Maybe I will put my 80 meter antenna back up.


When I volunteered to do this news letter I did some looking around at ways to do it and what to say. This particular edition was done on a program that came with my computer. I don't like it very much so I have ordered a different one. I hope to have it before the next newsletter is due ( that is if I don't get fired after this attempt).

I think it would be a good idea for all members of the club to dig out the December, 1996 QST and re-read the article that starts on page 43. The title is "Socorro, New Mexico - Ham Town USA ?" I am sure you all read it when it was published. It would be great if we could generate enough interest in club affairs to get back in the spirit of ham radio. If we look at all the things we accomplished in the past, we can be proud of our club. We still have a lot of things going for us - the annual hamfest, the road cleanup, the fat tire fiesta, the local repeater, the VE sessions, the Boy Scout Jamboree, field day participation, the annual Christmas party, the annual picnic, the slow code net, amateur radio classes, special events stations, transmitter hunts. All these are things that we are doing or have done in the past. To do these things it takes participation by all members of the club. OK, I said it. I only hope I stirred the pot a little bit.

Socorro Amateur Radio Association
722 N. California St.,
Socorro, NM 87801