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...was held on September 9th at 1930 hrs with 11 members in attendance. The main topic of discussion was the Fat Tire Fiesta and the upcoming Hamfest which will be held in November. The meeting was adjourned by the President at 2030 hrs. The next meeting will be held at 1930 hrs on October 14th.


Minutes of Meeting

The following are excerpts from the minutes of the September meeting:

Fat Tire Fiesta

On behalf of the Fiesta organizing committee, I would like to express thanks for the communications support provided to the Fat Tire Fiesta by members of the Socorro Amateur Radio Association and by other local amateur radio operators. You assisted by accompanying rides (Ryan, KC5WDT; Alan, KC5RXH; Becky, KB0STO; Schlake, KD5CTE; Jeff, KD5CTC; and Andy, KD5CTG), manning the base station on the Plaza (Nigel, KC5URO; Howard, K9PV; Kálmán, AJ5B; Jim, AB5UO; Bill, K8HUH; Al, AC5BX; Sandy, KB5YIX and Ken, KC5HGG) and by agreeing to stand by for emergencies with mobile units (Paul, N5YGC; and Jim, WB5GWH). Felix (W5BX) made his battery available to power the base station on the Plaza. There is some real possibility that I have missed someone along the way, but let me know and I’ll make a correction in the next newsletter. This was an outstanding effort, particularly since we competed head-to-head with the Albuquerque Hamfest. I know I had a great time. Thanks again. Dave (KB5YIW).


The Hamfest is just around the corner, November 7th to be exact. At the last meeting Bill, K8HUH, presented a list of possible prizes to be offered at this years Hamfest. After discussion and a vote the following items will be offered this year: As previously mentioned, the City of Socorro will handle the mailings for the club this year. Final plans will be made during the October meeting. As usual, there will be plenty of things to do for anyone who is willing to volunteer. Come out to the meeting and sign up to help ‘cause if’in ya ain’t there, ya just might get volunteered fer somethin’ ya don’t like ta do.


Air Force QSO Party

If band activity is any indicator, the second annual Air Force Anniversary QSO Party was a roaring success. K5HOG and K5XS were active on 80, 40, 30, 20, 15, and 10 meters and heard tremendous anniversary activity on each of those bands from the starting gun until the last second. If you participated, we hope you enjoyed it. If you didn’t we look forward to hearing you in 1999 for the celebration of the 52nd anniversary of the Air Force. We encourage you to send in logs. Full submission requirements are at our web site:
Although last year was our inaugural year, activity was high and we did receive a large number of logs. But in some cases, certificates for state winners went to the only stations to submit logs in those states; they were uncontested for the certificates. And in a few cases, there were no logs submitted from some states, even though we were aware of participants from those states. So we encourage you, even if your point total isn’t large, to submit your logs. You might win a state winner certificate! Although the QST article lists our old Hawaii address, the club was moved on short notice with the whims of the Air Force to Chesapeake Beach, Maryland. Our correct address is: The Razorback Radio Club 8437 Wesley Stinnett Blvd Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732 If logs are submitted to the Hawaii address, that’s fine. They will make their way to the club in due course. But you can save some processing time by sending them directly to the Maryland address. We have specified the times for the third annual Air Force Anniversary QSO party. It will begin at 0001 UTC on 18 September 1999 and end at 2359 UTC on 19 September 1999. We hope to hear you there! We will be happy to consider any rule changes you’d care to submit. Mail them to the above address, or e-mail them to: Warmest regards and Go Air Force! Loel Skoch, N3XNE President, Razorback Radio Club


The National Weather Service Office in Albuquerque announces Amateur Radio Club
Vanity call sign for SKYWARN ham radio station

The NWS Albuquerque Radio Club has been assigned amateur radio club vanity call sign WX5ABQ. Club status was recently granted to nine hams, all from within the staff of the National Weather Service (NWS) Albuquerque Office. The unique vanity call sign was selected by combining the common abbreviation for weather (WX), the regional designator (5) and the Albuquerque international aviation identifier (ABQ).
WX5ABQ should provide an easy association with the Weather Service Albuquerque ham station when used this winter season for collecting snow reports and providing limited travelers forecasts. Focus of the station will turn to SKYWARN or the reporting of severe thunderstorm weather each spring and summer.
The NWS Albuquerque Office is fortunate to have MegaLINK and other repeater system coverage over nearly 80 percent of its 88,000 square mile County Warning Area.
For information on contacting the NWS Albuquerque station, winter and thunderstorm safety information or to scheduled SKYWARN severe weather training contact Keith Hayes at (505) 243-0702.

FCC Restructuring Proposal

The FCC has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that will, if adopted, restructure amateur radio licenses in the U.S. The FCC seeks input from amateur radio operators on the proposed rule changes. The ARRL is on record with a similar, but not identical proposal. Both of these proposals and FAQS related to this issue may be accessed from Please visit this site and make your comments known to the FCC.


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Well , here it is October month is Hamfest. Final plans will be hashed out at this months meeting and Al Jefe will be on the prowl looking for volunteers to help with the many activities planned. So come on out and get involved. By now you have probably noticed a few changes in the newsletter...the latest, back by popular demand is the standard page size. As I stated before, any and all suggestions for this publication will be taken into consideration. Also, as stated before.....articles for the general interest of the Ham Community would be greatly appreciated. Food for Thought: What would a woman from Salem, Mass that is an Amateur Radio Operator and rides a broom be called?


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