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...was held on August 12th at 7:35 pm with 10 members and 4 guests in attendance. Main topics of discussion were the proposed Davenport repeater, the upcoming Fat Tire Festival and the Hamfest. The meeting was adjourned by the President at 8:30 pm. The next meeting will be held at 7:30 pm on September 9th.


Minutes of Meeting

The following are excerpts from the minutes of the August meeting:

Repeater Report

Sometime during the week of July 13th, lightning struck somewhere along the NMT telephone system in the vicinity of the SARA repeater on West Peak. The strike "took out" the phone card for the area and disabled the SARA autopatch. I was unaware of this until Tuesday (7/21) when I called Tech's ISD to report that we weren't getting a dial tone for the autopatch. Mark Reynolds replaced the card, but we still did not have use of the autopatch.
A call to Pacific Research (maker of our controller) to see what might have happened to the controller in a lightning strike produced some promising suggestions. Jim (WB5GWH) and I headed up the hill Wednesday (7/22) morning. Once in the bay we quickly established that there was still a problem with the phone line provided to us by Tech, we had no dial tone. We nearly left it at that, but decided to take the controller out for a look and a little testing. It is good that we did. Two 50-ohm resistors protect the "front end" of the autopatch circuit. Both of these resistors tested as "open" and upon visual inspection, showed signs of shock (a portion of the covering on each was blown off or cracked) and high heat. We replaced these, contacted ISD to report the bad line and half an hour later the autopatch was back in operation. I might make the observation that the damage to the clamping circuit in the controller was downstream from two other telephone lightning protection features installed previously. (KB5YIW)

Fat Tire Fiesta

The Seventh Annual Fat Tire Fiesta is scheduled for September 18th to the 20th. Once again, SARA has been asked to assist with communications for the event. Plans this year call for something a little different than in previous years. Amateur radio operators on bicycles will accompany most of the rides that will have radio communications. On Saturday and again on Sunday, we would like to have one SARA member with a mobile rig to be "on call." Although any high clearance vehicle will do, a four-wheel drive vehicle would be best. In addition we will man a base station at the Plaza as we have in past years. Rider/communicators have been pretty much arranged, but if you would like to be one of the "on call" drivers or help man the base station, please contact: Dave Johnson at: (505) 835-1432, evenings; (505) 835-5481, days; or by e-mail at Please volunteer to help. The Socorro Amateur Radio Association has an important role to play in providing communications for this popular event. Planning will be finalized at the September 9th meeting. (KB5YIW)

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