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...was held on June 10th at 7:30 pm with 15 members in attendance. The main topic of discussion was the upcoming Field Day being held at the end of the month. The meeting was adjourned by the President at 8:15 pm. The next meeting will be held at 7:30 pm on July 8th.


Minutes of Meeting

The following are excerpts from the minutes of the June meeting:

Repeater Report

The third week of June was a productive one for programming the repeater control. The autopatch and autodial capabilities are now fully enabled and, to a degree, tested. At the March meeting, SARA members voted to make the autopatch open. Please feel free to communicate to your amateur radio friends and colleagues the information necessary to access the SARA autopatch. We do ask that you do not make a practice of doing so over the air, since unlicensed listeners might be inclined to initiate a patch or even terminate a legitimate patch. What is involved? You may now bring up the patch with "*" followed (without keying) by the local exchange telephone number (835-, 838-,450-, & 480-). Using the autodial (speeddial) feature involves keying "**nn", where nn = the two digit autodial number. Do include the leading zero for AD numbers less than 10. All patches and autodial calls are terminated with a "#". The long established "*18" number to bring up the patch and "#3" to terminate will still work. If you have not already done so, test your AD number to make certain that I keyed it in correctly. If I didn't, I'm sure you'll be in touch.

Socorro emergency services may be called by generating the DTMF tones "911". The "*" or "*18" are not required, but may be used. This (and other) autopatch calls are terminated with "#" or will timeout after 30 secs without an input to the repeater receiver. If the party you are speaking to is long-winded, or if you are waiting for someone to come to an answered phone, key your transmitter every 20 secs or so to reset the timeout timer. If this proves to be a problem, let me know and I'll add a time increment to the timeout. Since we are back up to speed with respect to autopatch capabilities, I can strongly encourage members who do not have assigned autodial numbers (or would like another) to arrange for one - or more. There are currently over 70 available slots. If you would like to have a number assigned, simply provide me with the local exchange telephone number you would like to have entered and three or four choices for AD numbers between 03 and 99. If you would like to take an active role in the AD number selection call me (days - 835- 5481: evenings - 835-1432) or e-mail me at

There will be other developments related to user commands for the repeater and at some point before Fall, I'll prepare a wallet-sized list of commands. In the meantime, announcements will appear on SARA's web page (

Field Day

Field Day was held on 27 - 28 June at Macey Center and Datil Wells. Felix (W5BX) reported that the TARA station made 144 cw contacts and 154 ssb contacts during the 2 day event. No information was available from the Datil Wells group. A barbecue was enjoyed by all attending members and friends at the Macey Center Site.

Again, Chef Jon (KC5NWT) out did himself and we offer him a big THANKS! Further information about Field Day will be published in next months newsletter.

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