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SARA Newsletter ----- "All the news that fits, we print" ----- June, 1997


... was held on May 14th with 20 members in attendance. Sixteen proxies were in hand, so a quorum was achieved. This was our scheduled Annual Meeting and as outlined in SARA's bylaws, election of Officers/Directors was held (see New Slate). Dave Finley gave a presentation to the Batemans (see Losing). The meeting was adjourned by our new President and refreshments were enjoyed by all. The next meeting will be held on June 11.


New Slate of Officers Take Reins

May 14th marked the beginning of a new era in the annals of SARA, as we said "good-by and thank you" to our outgoing Officers and "hello" to our newly elected slate of Officers.

The Officer Nominations Committee, after a long and diligent search (plus some arm twisting), presented the following list of candidates to the membership for consideration as the 1997/98 Officers:

The floor was then opened for any further nominations for the respective offices. Hearing none, the nominees were elected by acclamation.

SARA wishes to thank those members who submitted their proxies in a timely manner, without which, we would not have had a quorum to hold election of Officers.

Last but not least, a really big thank you goes out to this years Officer Nominating Committee: Dave Finley - N1IRZ; Jon Spargo - KC5NTW; and Dave Johnson - KB5YIW. Through your efforts, SARA has obtained yet, another superb group of leaders for the ensuing year. Thank You!!

El Nuevo Presidente Speaks

As we begin our new term, with a new slate of Officers, I would like to thank all those who have preceded us for the fine job of building SARA into the commendable organization it has become today. I hope we can carry on that fine tradition.

June is the month for Field Day, one of the biggest events in Amateur Radio. At present, it looks like both of the traditional groups are getting organized. One group will operate from the Datil Wells Campground and will be sponsored by SARA - KC5OLJ. The other, will operate from the grounds of Macey Center and be sponsored by TARA - KC5ORO. This is a great opportunity to get together with the local "ham community" and expose ham radio to the general public. We will be organizing these events at our June meeting, so lets have a big turnout and some great fun.

See you at the meeting.....Al - AC5BX

Losing Friends

As most of you know, Monte (WB5RZX) and Jean (N5HZV) Bateman (and don't forget their little harmonic James) are leaving the Land of Enchantment for a more challenging position in the hot and humid bowels of our Nations southeast. Dave (N1IRZ), acting MC for the evening, presented Monte with a plaque for his outstanding service to SARA. The unique plaque consisted of two parts: the top half being a reproduction of the plaque presented to SARA in 1995, during Monte's reign as President, by the Socorro Chamber of Commerce for Organization of the Year: the bottom half, a plaque thanking Monte for his dedicated service to the organization. Dave then presented Jean with a beautiful Southwestern style vase and thanked her for the support that she had given to SARA. It is always sad for an organization to lose such loyal members as the Batemans and they will be sorely missed.

Monte and Jean, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. You will not hear Good-by from us, for there are no Good-byes in Amateur Radio, that's 'cause no matter where you go, your only a key click away from your friends.

El Jefe No Mas

Field Day is a great opportunity to experience hf at its zaniest. The exchanges are short and predictable, so if your not careful...your code speed will increase. Or test your patience with ssb. Sign up early on Al's schedule for your very own chance to drive a radio. Or drop by Macey and boot an "op" out of the chair. And there's always time to exchange stories, factual or not! Shade, chairs and refreshments will be provided.

My heart-felt thanks for voting me out of office!! All of you made the busy calendar possible and successful. No single person can do it. Fortunately, my successor Al has Sandy. So, join me in wishing him best of luck and in saying, "Al, we're all behind you. Far, far behind you!"

Thanks for this oppotunity to work with a great group. Howard - K9PV.

Upcoming events

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The Final Word

This was my first attempt of editing a newsletter in many moons and I found out how much I didn't know about my word processor. If, in this issue, I forgot to mention someone, got their call sign wrong or screwed up some facts, I apologize. If I offended anyone, I am truely sorry and if I didn't offend anyone -- I done good!! Thanks.


Doug Staley, KC5RXI
Acting SARA Newsletter Editor

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