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SARA Newsletter ----- "All the news that fits, we print" ----- January, 1995

The December Meeting

... was our annual Christmas party! We had a record 43 in attendance, with lots of spouses present. Thanks to the Vagabond Restaurant for the great food and great service.

Repeater/Autopatch Protocol ---

Although I don't believe that there is undue cause for concern, there have been several incidents this month that suggest that we might review the requirements and etiquette associated with aspects of repeater and autopatch use. First and foremost, while the SARA repeater is an open repeater, the autopatch is closed. That certainly does not mean that a member cannot set up a call for another ham, but it does mean that the codes for accessing autopatch and autodial should not be circulated. If it develops that our codes are in the hands of nonmembers, and particularly if these folks are not hams, we may be compelled to change our access codes.

When accessing the autopatch (or autodial), announce your intentions and call sign: "de KB5YIW on autopatch" or words to that effect. As a matter of good operating etiquette you might encourage others to make priority calls before you tie up the repeater with a phone call. When you have completed the call and cleared the autopatch, announce: "de KB5YIW clear of the patch."

It is not only bad practice, but illegal to bring up a patch, find that there is no one at the number called and bring down the patch, all without identifying yourself.

--- Dave Johnson, KB5YIW

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From ARRL Bulletins ---

Special Bulletin 33: New 144 MHz record

A new tropospheric ducting, continental distance record has been reported on the 144 MHz amateur band. On November 5, Rene Shaw, WB4MJE, of Big Pine Key, Florida, and Serge Szpilfogel, VE1KG, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, worked over a 1687 mile path.

The previous record was 1468 miles, set by K5WXZ and K1RJH, and had stood since October, 1968.

WB4MJE is crucially located for this work at the southern tip of the Florida Keys.

This information comes from Al Ward, WB5LUA, who maintains VHF and UHF North American distance record information for QST's "World Above 50 MHz" column. Records on bands from 144 MHz to 678 THz are published in April QST each year.

Monte Bateman, WB5RZX
SARA Newsletter Editor
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